Memorandum of Understanding with Marco Polo System, 25 September 2017

The Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce has recently sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Marco Polo System EEIG during a conference held on the 25th of September in Gaeta, Italy.

Marco Polo System EEIG, following the targets of promoting cultural democracy, cultural diversity, mutual understanding and exchanges across boundaries, is managing the creation of the Cultural Route named European Silk Road – Marco Polo routes, acting as channel for intercultural dialogue and promote a better knowledge and understanding of European history. In particular, the birth of European Silk Road – Marco Polo routesaims to valorize the common heritage that has Marco Polo’s figure as a symbol of smartness, curiosity, dialogue and passion for knowledge.
European Silk Road – Marco Polo routes aims both at promoting new tourist attractions and boosting local economy with a sustainable way of development. Here the key elements:
  • Area of interest is the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • The main targets are: creating of a functional network of actors sharing the same objectives of sustainable development, mutual understanding, valorization of tangible and intangible heritage  .
  • The network will be named “European Silk Road – Marco Polo routes”. Marco Polo System EEIG is the managing authority of this network.
  • Actors that can be involved: local bodies, educational institutions, managing authorities for the protection of cultural heritage at international, national and local level, cultural associations, SMEs.
  • The Network aims to continue the experience of the Project VeRoTour – “Venetian routes: Enhancing a shared European multi-cultural sustainable tourism“. Here more information:
Partners will work for the promotion and coordination of a framework of permanent cooperation aimed at developing events, meetings, initiatives of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, searching together possibilities for financing common actions in the frame of european territorial cooperation and also in the private sector.
Partners will work and collaborate together for the creation, development, continuation, follow-up and capitalization of the project, in a framework of bilateral and multilateral cooperation activities and initiatives that include: submission of project proposals to the EU Programming framework funds or single partner’s national, regional or local funds; finalization of cultural and touristic bilateral and/or multilateral initiatives and activities involving the relevant public and private sectors and stakeholders involved in the cultural-tourism related sector.