Adriatic Sea Forum, the international, itinerant forum dedicated to maritime tourism in the Adriatic Sea, will be going ashore in Montenegro for its third edition.
Thanks to the support of Montenegro National Tourism Organisation, of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro and of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone, on 27-28 April, 2017, Budva will be at the centre of the Adriatic maritime tourism sector as a whole.

Adriatic Sea Forum, thanks to its widely appreciated formula, is a crucial meeting point for all players with interests in the cruise, ferry and nautical areas and more generally in the tourism and maritime sectors,who operate partly or exclusively in the Adriatic. Since 2013, the forum has made an important contribution to sharing ideas and facilitating the development of new projects, as well as launching strategies, businesses and proposals.
It offers an opportunity to meet and discuss the future and the development of the Adriatic: a place to meet people working in the sectors the forum is aimed at, as well as new stakeholders operating in different areas, with whom new business and projects can be entered into or developed.
Thanks to the attention Europe and the various European institutions have been devoting to the Adriatic and Ionian region, formally since the launch of the EUSAIR strategy, Adriatic Sea Forum is an opportunity for all those interested in the maritime and tourism sectors to update, create, share and spread information, projects, knowledge and relationships.

Forum cooperate with Adriatic Sea Forum and will give its support and patronage to the event.

Up to 10 registrations are available for Forum members. Should you be interested, please contact the AIC Forum secretariat


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