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      Adrion.Tou.R. – Adriatic Ionian Tourist Routes

          Regional Law 9, 18/06/2002–art. 10, cl. 2, item. e), art. 11..

Project’s Start Date:
The project was presented on the 31st of March 2008 but was actioned only in the second semester of 2008 provided the Marche Region had enough resources for this year. The project lasted two years.
Project’s end date:
Two years from the official day the project started
Lead partner:
Ancona Chamber of Commerce
Project’s goal:
Strengthening of an integrated tourist supply in the entire basin by applying a public/private system logic as a strategic factor for an economic and sustainable growth in the Adriatic-Ionia area

  • To improve coordination and collaboration between public administration and economic operators in this sector both locally and in the basin;
  • To strengthen tourist operators’ professional expertise on specific topics such as management, environmental sustainability, good territorial management, diversification of tourist supply, new opportunities in terms of international tourism, quality systems and territorial marketing;
  • To build a model of integrated tourism by adopting a standard system which can regulate a sustainable tourist supply in terms of environmental and social impact as well as products and procedures (Disciplinary/Guidelines);
  • To support operators during the initial phase of promotional activities that will use the common brand called “Adrion – Adriatic and Ionian Lands ”. This brand will represent one of the central elements around which future initiatives should be planned, promoted and communicated in the area (portal, brochures, events, expos, gadgets, tour operators’ brochures and targeted advertising campaigns).

ITALY: Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce, Uniadrion, Promadria, Assonautica, Unioncamere Veneto, Venice Chamber of Commerce, Teramo Chamber of Commerce, Brindisi Chamber of Commerce, Ancona Province, Polytechnic University of Le Marche – Faculty of Economy, tour operators (CTS of Ancona, Inicom Viaggi and Croatiaexperience);
ALBANIA: Durres Chamber of Commerce ad Industry, Duress University of Tourism, Tauleda Agency, Lezhe Chamber of Commerce;
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: LINK Association of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation Chamber of Economy;
MONTENEGRO: Montenegro Chamber of Economy;
GREECE: Etoloakarnania Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Thesprotia