We are pleased to invite you to participate in the AII-FORA ONLINE SIDE-EVENTS,
which will be held on the 10th and 12th May 2021.

The Adriatic and Ionian Fora of Chambers of commerce, Universities and Cities and their members, in cooperation with Adriatic and Ionian Initiative – Chairmanship of the Republic of Slovenia organize three online Round Tables as Side-Events within the framework of the 6° EUSAIR Forum.  The webinars will analyze and discuss three main topics: Climate Change, Blue Economy and Circular Economy.





10th May 10:00
AII-FORA online Side-Event

“Saline intrusion: a potential risk for coastal aquifer management in a changing climate”

Adriatic and Ionian coastal regions need improved protection of freshwater aquifers to saline intrusion through a sustainable management of water resources. There are common challenges to tackle: expected climate change impacts on sea level rise and precipitation rates; water supply essential for sustainability of coastal societies and ecosystems; increased consumption for human activities, including agriculture, increasing the risk of seawater intrusion towards freshwater aquifiers. The Event, organized in cooperation with Municipality of Fano and University of Urbino, will open a discussion among different stakeholders engaged in this specific field, and it will be an opportunity to share ASTERIS project as a good practice.

Working languages: Italian / English / Croatian 



10th May 2021 – 15:00
AII-FORA online Side-Event

“Small ports in the Blue Economy strategy”

The round table aims to illustrate how the global and sustainable growth of the small ports of the Adriatic Sea can be encouraged through a long-term strategy.

The Chamber of Commerce of Chieti Pescara and the Municipality of Vasto would like to start a debate on how to strengthen the economic role of small ports for the development of coastal areas and in particular how they contribute to the whole strategy of blue economy and international transport.

Working languages: English/Croatian/ Italian 



12th May 16:00
AII-FORA online Side-Event

“SMEs towards the Circular Economy”

The Circular Economy Action Plan is at the core of the European Green Deal, the EU roadmap towards climate-neutrality. It is crucial to help European businesses and consumers to make the transition to a stronger and more circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way. The implementation of this plan, which aims to make the economy cleaner and more competitive, will impact SMEs through: measures to reinforce waste management, measures on the usage of critical raw materials and support to implement the circular economy strategies and practices.  The event, organized in cooperation with Marche Chamber of Commerce and Split Chamber of Economy, aims to learn more about the framework on the Green Deal with particular reference to the circular economy in some of the EUSAIR countries.

Working languages: English/Croatian/ Italian


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The AII-FORA Side-Events are organized in collaboration with the EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform –  which is conceived as the preferred tool of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic- Ionian Region to increase stakeholder engagement coordination and implementation processes. The Platform is managed by Marche Region, Italian Project Partner of the project “Facility Point – supporting the governance of the EUSAIR”.