EU Programme
Erasmus+ Programme – Strategic Partnership (KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education)

Lead Partner
Asociatia SIMO

Other Partners
Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce
University of Ioannina

Social Cooperative Enterprise Drosostalida

Duration of the project
1. November 2022 – 31. October 2024

Role of Forum AIC:

Total cost of the project:
€ 120.000

Budget of Forum AIC:
€ 21.000

Project Website:


Background and Objectives

Given the rising interest from industries and young people in next generation technologies, our project BYTE is to raise awareness and educate young people about technology changes taking place. Technologies that are re-shaping the world, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of our project.

The objective  of BYTE is to help migrants  (including and specifically refugees from Ukraine) become self-employed (building a successful enterprise profit-generating with social objectives) and create in the long term the basis to help their native countries better  their condition. After the identification of: – social and cultural barriers to employment, – difficulties becoming entrepreneurs – migrants’ needs, – entrepreneurs’ needs of new and innovative service for smart  factories 4.0, BYTE will reach the following target  groups:  a) migrants  with entrepreneurial skills, b) migrants  in need  for more information about the new digital industries, c) local community more involved in migrants  needs, d) migrants  seen by local entrepreneurs as an opportunity and e) local public entities,  associations, entrepreneurs.


The BYTE specific  objectives are the following:

– Enhancement of the early integration  of migrants  into the labor market and strengthen the overall framework  for integration

– Enhancement of the role of entrepreneurs as mentors to other ones  who wish to be adopted in the requirements of Industry 4.0

– Raising entrepreneurs’ and local communities awareness regarding the benefits  of the insertion of high skilled migrants  in the labor market

– Promotion  of a multi-stakeholder approach (involving public authorities, employment services, social and economic partners, business organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, skilled crafts chambers, companies and workers, public services’ employers, and civil society organizations) so as to ensure that integration  benefits  migrants  as well as the economy  and society at large

– Strengthen the local authorities’ initiatives for the rapid labor market integration  of migrants

– Consider shifting labor-intensive businesses focus to become more knowledge-based, working in tandem with new technologies to generate more significant business impact



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