Dear Members,

Due to the health emergency of Covid-19 and the consequent restrictive measures, still ongoing, it was
not possible to organize as usual the annual joint event of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce,
Cities and Universities, during which the annual Ordinary Assembly is convened. This year it should have taken
place in Serbia, in Belgrade, in the broader context of the 5th Forum of the European Strategy of the Adriatic
Ionian Region (EUSAIR) in which the Forum AIC, together with the Cities Forum and UniAdrion, had been called
by the Serbian Presidency and by the European Commission (DG-Regio) to cooperate as key representatives of
civil society in the Area. In the Belgrade Declaration, approved on June 18, the proposal of the Serbian
Presidency to organize the Belgrade Forum before the end of 2020 is accepted, but at the moment there is no
further information available and it is not possible to confirm this proposal.

The Forum AIC Board of Governors, which met on May 15, considering the impossibility of the Forum
AIC members to meet in person this year, decided to convene the Ordinary Assembly through web platform. The Assembly supposed to be held on July 23.

On Monday 13 July the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi passed away, a great supporter of the Forum and member of the Board of Directors from the beginning.

Forum President Gino Sabatini announced the sad news to the members with deep sadness and canceled the Assembly by postponing it to September.

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that I inform you that Mr. Alfredo Malcarne, President of Brindisi Chamber and member of the Forum Board of Governors, passed away suddenly yesterday night. The Forum loses a friend, a partner, a supporter close to the Association since the early years of its establishment. Our community huddles around the family, the colleagues of the Brindisi Chamber of Commerce and Assonautica.
I believe it is appropriate to postpone the Assembly, scheduled for Thursday 23 July, to next September. If the restrictive measures and the sanitary conditions will allow us, I would like to organize the Assembly in Brindisi in memory of our friend Malcarne who has always believed in our Network