Important days for the Forum, those of 26 and 27 June: the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic-Ionian area, gathered in Ancona during the Governing Board, discussed future projects, including the Adriatic Start-Up School of Ecapital Culture. The School, held in Ancona and organized this year with the contribution of the AI-NURECC initiative, lasted 2 months and saw youngs from the entire Adriatic-Ionian area as protagonists.

The Presidents, who – during the closing day of the School – had the pleasure of attending the presentations of the projects of these young talents, were able to reflect on the importance of investment in culture and young people as a way of developing the territory and also on the importance of the the sense of belonging to a single area: the Macroregional one. During these two days it was discussed how to spread the Adriatic Start-Up School project even more effectively in the Macroregion territory, through the involvement of local stakeholders from different countries of the Adriatic-Ionian area.

The day before, the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce, together with the students from the Adriatic Start-Up School of Ecapital Culture, had gone to Muccia, a town in the Marche region that was most affected by the earthquake of 2016, for the inauguration of the School of primary Education “E. De Amicis ”.

The School, thanks to Andrea Bocelli Foundation and – among the other partners – to Fondazione Marche, has returned to live again, and with it the community. The indissoluble union between culture and territory (one cannot exist without investing in the other, and vice versa) was the reason why the Marche Foundation wanted in this day the exponents of the Chambers of Commerce and the students of the startup school based in Ancona.


Una grande avventura… un’altra esperienza bellissima, condivisa per due mesi con tanti ragazzi pieni di sogni e passione! Si è appena conclusa l’edizione 2019 di Ecapital Culture Adriatic Start up School….e adesso…forza ragazzi! Get up, Start up!

Posted by Congredior on Saturday, 29 June 2019