Innovative skills and competences for entrepreneurs in order to promote a new sustainable tourism in the Adriatic and Ionian Area


EU Programme
Adriatic and Ionian Initiative – Regional Cooperation Programme – Call for Proposals 2012
Lead Partner
Forum of the Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic and Ionian Forum (AIC)(Italy)
Italian partners
UNIADRION (Marche Region)
Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities (Marche Region)
Foreign partners
Healthy City (Croatia)
LINK – Mostar (Bosnia – Herzegovina)
Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (Montenegro)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (Serbia)
Albanian Tourism Association (Albania)
The Association of Tourist and Shipping Agents Thesprotia (Greece)
Duration of the project
18 months: from February 2013 to July 2014
Total cost of the project
€ 49,040.00
Budget of AIC Forum
€ 12,350.00
The project aims at implement the “Protocol on tourism development in the Adriatic and Ionian basin in the framework of. the Adriatic and Ionian initiative” goals, through a concrete contribution to the creation of an integrated tourism system in. the Adriatic and Ionian Area and favouring the dialogue between private tourist operators and public authorities for the. growth of the competitiveness on tourism of the whole Region
General objectives: the project intends to promote sustainable tourism in the Adriatic and Ionian cross-border region, in. order to foster social and economic development for tourism-related business and for local communities in general. In. this way it will contribute to promote social and economic cohesion making the Adriatic and Ionian basin an integrated. tourist destination
– Establishment of a specific web-community focused on the development of a more competitive and sustainable tourism. in the Adriatic and Ionian seas, with particular attention to less developed and most marginalized areas
– Technical seminars for private tour operators in all IAI countries
– Design and testing of a new technological tool that can promote an approach to micro-marketing a new integrated. tourist destination
– Construction of a multilingual wholesaler web structure, with the location of the tourism resources of the area of interest, such as hotels, restaurants, sports centers and organizers of package tours that focus on the area of the Adriatic and the Ionians
– Creation of a series of seminars to facilitate the connection between the micro-marketing actions, carried out within the. previous project activities, and the local and national governmental policies supporting the macro-marketing actions and. favouring the promotion of the Adriatic and Ionian Area as a unique tourist destination. It will consist of a series of 6 one-to-one meetings aimed at enhancing public and private synergies in promoting the Adriatic and Ionian Area. All the public national and/or local administrations in charge for tourism promotion of the AII countries involved will be invited to define. and sign a common memorandum of understanding during the final event to collaborate in the future for giving. strengthen in different ways to the AII Protocol on Tourism signed in 2010
Web site
Contact person:
Astrid Pavesic – ph.+39 0715898266 e-mail: astrid.pavesic@an.camcom.it.