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Novi Projekti

The new 2014-2020 programming period has been launched with the invitation for the first Calls, oriented towards several new European Programs.

The Wprkgroup on EU Project Management of the Forum AIC is following the start-up phase, waiting for the new Calls to be announced in relation to European Territorial Cooperation (the cross-border bilateral Italy / Croatia and the Trilateral Italy-Albania-Montenegro, the transnational ADRION, the new MED, MED ENI, the new Interreg Europe), expected not before March 1, 2015.

The Group intends to strengthen the European perspective, regarding the new approach that the Strategy EUSAIR requires from the stakeholders on the territory, particularly in terms of strategic planning and greater macroregional impact.

The goal is to develop the new Forum AIC “position paper” on implementation of Action Plan of EUSAIR Strategy, consistent with operational and prioritized proposals of all the member chambers, with an investigation on possible European Programs suitable to finance such projects
At the moment, there are no new projects being proposed on specific open calls.

Projekti u tijeku

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