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To better coordinate the activities and based on the results of the reciprocal knowledge, common topics were identified and six thematic Workgroups were created starting from 2006: Agriculture, Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Tourism, Transports and Women entrepreneurship.
Since these workgroups deal specifically with the themes of the EUSAIR Pillars a new thematic workgroups organization was made for the purpose of getting them coherent and more in line with the EUSAIR Pillars.)

Secretariat of the Workgroup on Blue Growth

Montenegro Chamber of Economy
Novaka Miloseva, 29/II – 81000 PODGORICA
Contact person for the Workgroup: Slavica Pavlovic
phone: 0038 220 230 493

Bari Chamber of Commerce Cavour, 2 – 70121 BARI
Contact person for the Workgroup: Cosmo Albertini
phone: +39 0802174252

Final document of 2018 Split Edition

Final Document 2018

Reports and final documents of 2017 Pescara-Chieti Edition

Final Document 2017

Reports and final documents of 2016 Ancona Edition

Final Document 2016

Reports and final documents of the Workgroup on Fishing and Aquaculture.