The Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce is organizing, in cooperation with DG Regio, and in the framework of the European Regions Week, the workshop “Bringing the Green Deal to the EU Macro Regions“.

There is strong reciprocity between the EU Macro Regions and the Green Deal: while macroregions support the implementation of the EU Green Deal in a transnational context, the EU Green Deal provides a common vision to them.

Meetings and events are the places where the implementers and stakeholders of EU Macro Regions (EU Strategies for Adriatic-Ionian Region – EUSAIR; Alpine Region – EUSALP; Danube Region – EUSDR; Baltic Sea Region – EUSBSR) build their common vision and reach agreements to achieve the Action Plans objectives.

Being of pivotal importance for multi-level governance purposes, meetings and events produce, nonetheless, considerable impacts in terms of both waste creation and carbon footprint. Thus, reducing their negative environmental impacts is the very first step for promoting the shift to more sustainable practices and behaviours in the territories of each Regions.

The best practice “EUSAIR – Bringing the Green Deal to the Region“, promoted by DG Regio and coordinated by the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce, supports the EUSAIR community’s green transformation with a strategy and practical tools. The workshop intends to explore the possibilities of applying this strategy to the other EU Macro Regions.


AGENDA and REGISTRATION FORM will be available soon!