Lack of support and of a unified agricultural policy in some Adriatic-Ionian countries – Low import custom duties allowing the competition of foreign goods with the national production – Lack of legislation imposing a hygienic-sanitary control system on imported goods – Incomplete legislation with regard to the control on the Genetically Modified Organisms –Unemployment – Environmental degradation due to post-war abandonment of cultivation – Division of land in small lots and, consequently, scarce mechanisation and restructuring of agricultural factories – Lack of storing and conservation factories.


Study meeting about co-operativism to be held in Ancona (presentation of some co-operative experiences in the Region Marche and visits to enterprises) – Information on alimentary education targeted at primary and secondary teachers – Meetings of expert cooks with restaurant-agritourism operators – Information on quality marks.


Professional training aimed at involving young entrepreneurs in agricultural activities – Promotion of the multifunctional agricultural enterprise and its diversification, considered as a way of increasing incomes, depending no more only on production – Alimentary education – Promotion of slow-food.

Reports and final documents of the Workgroup on Agriculture 2004-2014

Edition 2014 – Corfu (Greece)

Edition 2013 – Međugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Edition 2012 – Brindisi (Italy)

Edition 2011 – Budva (Montenegro)

Edition 2010 – Ancona (Italy)

Edition 2009 – Agrinio (Greece)

Edition 2008 – Makarska (Croatia)

Edition 2007 – Ancona (Italy)

Edition 2006 – Durres (Albania)

Edition 2005 – Budva-Bečiči (Montenegro)

Edition 2004 – Neum (Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina)

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