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TECH -TOUR Technology and tourism: augmented reality for the promotion of the Roman and Byzantine  itineraries SI2.ACGRACE048120200


EU Programme
”Trans-national Cooperation Projects on European Cultural Routes” Call for proposals 23/g/ENT/CIP/11/BN02S008 – European Commission – Entreprise and Industry Directorate Generale
Lead Partner
Unioncamere of Veneto Region/Venetian Eurodesk (Veneto Region)
Italian partners
Regione Veneto (Veneto Region)
Marco Polo System (Veneto Region)
Aquileia Foundation (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)
Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (Marche Region)
Foreign partners
Urban Development Centre (Serbia)
LivevieWStudio (Serbia)
Civic Museum of Lubijana (Slovenia)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lubijana (Slovenia)
Municipalità of Rijeka – Department of Culture (Croatia)
Archeological Museum of Istria (Croatia)
Municipaliry of Rovino (Croatia)
Duration of the project
12 months: from May 2012 to April 2013
Total budget
€ 165.000,72
Budget of AIC Forum
€ 4.990,95
The project aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools. Both. itineraries are virtual routes since they link places and attractions based on common historical and cultural themes;. the TECH – TOUR routes are:
1. the “Roman itinerary” composed by two main consecutive Roman routes: Iter Romanum and Via Annia
going from Italy, crossing Slovenia, Croatia and ending in Serbia;
2. the “Byzantine itinerary” going along the coasts of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia
The consortium is thus composed of 4 EU countries (one old member state, a new member state and two candidates) belonging to a neighbouring geographical area. The partnership is quite numerous, it is indeed made of 12 partners:. public authorities (regional and local), cultural institutions and bodies, a technological studio for digital communication. solutions and chambers of commerce thus assuring a comprehensive involvement of key-actors able to effectively. realised a “cultural tourism product” within the project life-cycle as well as assure continuity after its life time
– Promoting the EU trans-national routes based on cultural and historical common heritage by strengthening EU. identity and favouring intercultural dialog especially including old, new, candidate and potential candidate countries. (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia)
– Boosting the tourism potential of the sites along the routes
– Promoting the routes and their related tourism services by application of new computer technology
by improving:
a. the diversification and modernization of the tourist offer;
b. the competitiveness of the tourism industry (SMEs, leisure attractions, logistics facilities etc.)in the countries. through which the routes pass,
– Enhancing development of the tourism industry in those countries by creating a network of professionals and. entrepreneurs involved in the sector of cultural tourism;
– Developing and applying ICT technology to tourism sites by strengthening the collaboration and the transfer of. knowledge on ICT between EU countries
– Mapping routes
– Identification of historical sites and their content
– Creating a database for guided geolocation
– Creating 3d models of monuments
– International workshops
Web site
Contact person:
Astrid Pavesic – tel.+39 0715898266 mail: astrid.pavesic@an.camcom.it


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