The three Fora of Civil Society were mentioned in the Sibenik Declaration, signed by the AII Council of Ministers on 14 May in Sibenik, on the occasion of the 9th EUSAIR Forum, under the Croatian Presidency.

The AII Council of Ministers is the decision-making body of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative and adopts declarations endorsing the work carried out during the annual chairmanship, setting goals and strategies for the future period of cooperation.

In recent years, the three Fora have been mentioned several times in the AII/EUSAIR meetings of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and have been recognised as the main actors for the implementation of the “EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region” (EUSAIR).

During the Croatian Presidency, the three Fora distinguished themselves through the many activities they carried out and the numerous events they organised. In addition, this year was adopted on 14 May 2024 in Split the Split Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Mediterranean Diet in the Adriatic-Ionian Area, signed by the Representatives of the three Fora of Civil Society.


Sibenik Declaration


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