The European Commission Communication on EUSAIR identifies the involvement of interested stakeholders – including civil society, academia, NGOs – as a key condition for a good implementation of the Strategy. EUSAIR governance structures emphasized the importance of increased engagement of stakeholders in the coordination and implementation processes through consultative networks or platforms.

To this end, the strategic Project “Facility Point” includes the EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform (SP) conceived as a preferred tool to increase stakeholder engagement in EUSAIR Strategy coordination and implementation processes. The Platform is managed by Marche Region, Italian project partner of Facility Point Project.

The SP is a portal that supports a two-way “vertical” communication between stakeholders and EUSAIR key implementers (the EUSAIR Governing Board and the 4 Pillars Thematic Steering Groups) and vice-versa and “horizontal” communication among stakeholders.

Thanks to the Cooperation Agreement made between Marche Region and Marche Chamber of Commerce the three FORA (UniAdrion, the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce – Forum AIC – and the Cities – FAIC) have been actively involved and will help the promotion, the animation and the use of the Stakeholder Platform within the relevant stakeholders of the Area.

Starting from September 2020 and till the end of the year a series of webinars will be organized, whose main target is not only to bring EUSAIR stakeholders together, but also to open a consultation phase for the next EU programming period (2021-2027), where the Fora members will actively participate in the definition of the new programmes.

In particular, the members of the three Fora will be involved according to their expertise acquired through participation, as partners or lead partners, in projects under the INTERREG Program relating to the Adriatic Ionian Area, in the 2014-2020 programming period. To this purpose, UniAdrion has created a database through which it is possible to map Expertise Areas of Stakeholders for every Country in each Pillar, starting from Fora members.


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