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WELLFOOD – Promoting Food Innovation for Wellness in the Adriatic 2°ord./0083/0


EU programme
Lead Partner
Province of Forlì-Cesena (Italy)
Italian partners
Chamber of Commerce of Macerata (Marche Region)
Marche Region – Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Foreign partners
University of Primorska – Center for Science and Research of Koper (Slovenia)
LIR Local Development Initiative (Bosnia – Herzegovina)
Agency for extension services in agriculture (Bosnia – Herzegovina)
Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (Montenegro)
Regional Chamber of Commerce of Uzice (Serbia)
Innopolis (Greece)
Agriculture University of Tirana (Albania)
Associated partners
Development Agency East Netherlands (Netherlands)
Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (Italy – Marche Region)
Duration of the project
30 months
Total cost of the project
€ 2,054,991.16
The project aims at strengthening innovation capacity of Adriatic Regions on agri-food sector, by stimulating the link. between business, RTD-inn.Centers,producers-consumers as a pillar for territorial growth, development and integration. of the area
– Seminars on welfare, health, safety and food quality
– Transnational mobility for researchers / academics / technical
– Creating a Network WELLFOOD
– Organization of training for researchers / academics / technical of partner countries
– Creation of multifunctional centers services
– Focus groups with consumers / operators / companies
– Implementation of marketing plans and promotion of innovation and production of information material
– Awareness-raising activities (transnational and regional)
Web site
Under construction
Contact person:
Astrid Pavesic – ph. +39 0715898266 e-mail: astrid.pavesic@an.camcom.it.