Board of Governors

The Board of Governors, in compliance with the political and planning guidelines provided by the assembly, guarantees the continuity of Forum operations, takes all decisions concerning the implementation of operative projects aimed at reaching the Charter goals and promotes the co-financing that projects and programs need. The Board of Governors remains in office for two years; it is composed of 9 members, including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman; two members out of these nine must be appointed by the founding members; the remaining seven members shall be elected by the Assembly.

  • Mirjana Čagalj – Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Split (Croatia), Acting President – Croatian Chamber of Economy, Vice President for Construction, Transport and Connections, President of the Forum
  • Alfredo Malcarne – Brindisi Chamber of Commerce (Italy), President, Vice President of the Forum
  • Massimiliano Polacco – Ancona Chamber of Commerce (Italy), Vice President, Member
  • Terezina Orlić – Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Dubrovnik (Croatia), President, Member
  • Vlastimir Golubović  – Montenegro Chamber of Economy (Montenegro), President, Member
  • Andrea Xhavara – Durres Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Albania), President, Member
  • Marko Šantić – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber of Economy (Bosnia and Herzegovina), President, Member
  • Konstantinos Bokas – Etoloakarnania Chamber of Commerce and Industy (Greece), Vice President, Member
  • Rodolfo GiampieriHonorary Councillor
  • Vladimir VukmirovićHonorary Councillor


  • Michele De Vita – Ancona Chamber of Commerce (Italy), Secretary General

There is no remuneration for members of the Forum Bodies. The activity is carried free of charge.

Board of Auditors

The auditors shall monitor compliance with the laws, charter and rules, with special reference to the correct accounting procedures

  • Romano De Angelis – Ancona Chamber of Commerce (Italy), President of the Board of Auditors
  • Mileva Mihić – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber of Economy (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Auditor
  • Pavle Radovanović – Montenegro Chamber of Economy (Montenegro), Auditor
  • Georges Rompolas – Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Greece), Temporary member of Aetoloakarnania (Greece)