ADRION Brand: the integrated tourist promotion of the Area


  • registered and owned by the AIC Forum since 2008
  • aims at helping the tourist operators of the Adriatic and Ionian area to have more strength when they offer their destinations on international market
  • a tool for an integrated and joint tourist (but not only) promotion of the Area
  • officially recognised as a reference “best practice in the European Commission Communication n.713 of 30th November 2012 in the Maritime Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and in the Action plan of the Adriatic and Ionian Macroregion published on the last 17th of June
  • Regulation of use of the Adrion was drawn up and recently amended by fully corresponding to the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion priorities.

ADRION initiative was launched in 2008 by AIC Forum within the thematic workgroup on Tourism in order to develop new sustainable tourism products and services and to boost their quality and value.

-The Vision of the ADRION initiative is that new tourism products should enhance local identity, respect for human rights, include accessible tourism and protect natural and cultural heritage.

– The Mission is the enhancing of a new sustainable and responsible tourism management based on innovation and quality

Three main activities referred to ADRION have been planned and developed thanks to a cross-border cooperation among different partners:

  1. Adrion as an umbrella trademark of the Area
  2. Training courses and technical workshop
  3. Developing innovative, quality tourism products and services

Most of the actions carried out within these activities have been possible thanks to the AIC Forum funds and grants from European Union, National and Regional Organizations.


Thanks to the ADRION initiative many itinerant on-the-job-training courses and technical workshops have been carried out by experts in the field of ICT and social network in order to strengthen the tourist operators’ professional skills:
– Security and safety issues
– Economic competitiveness
– Innovation, globalisation of information and quickly
– advancing changes in technology
– Markets and competition

The operators have been helped and involved in reshaping their tourist products, by integrating them with more thematic tourist offers such as: cultural, ecotourism, wellness, sport&nature, historical, religious, rural, architecture and ethnography.


Two of the best practices developed within ADRION are:

1.The TECH-TOUR Project – TOUR Technology and tourism: augmented reality for the promotion of the Roman and Byzantine itineraries. (DG Enterprises and Industry Ref. Trans-national Cooperation Projects on European Cultural Routes).

The project aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools. Both. itineraries are virtual routes since they link places and attractions based on common historical and cultural theme.




2.The project VeroTour – Venetian routes: enhancing a shared European multi-cultural sustainable tourism (DG Enterprises and Industry Ref. Support to transnational thematic tourism products as means of enhancing competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism).

The project aims to individuate the thematic trans-national tourist itinerary based on the historic and cultural heritage of. Venetian commercial routes. The project intends to integrate the Program of the Cultural European Itineraries of the Council of Europe.

On-line brochure and VeroTour app –