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MARINAS – Modelling adriatic routes integrating networks and areas in the Adriatic sea

Interreg IIIA.Project’s start date:
January 2007
Project’s end date:
May 2008
Lead partner:
Province of Ancona
Project’s goal:
The project aims to build an integrated tourist demand in the Adriatic area which can satisfy the demand for innovative services of the network by strengthening its visibility and maximising the provision of services in the entire area. This project intends to carry out a study of the Adriatic area which can highlight cultural, economic, natural and historic resources and, at the same time, develop a network of tourist ports in the Adriatic able to provide advanced services via free open-source software and a shared portal. The project intends also to realise experimental operations and pilot projects to reinforce inland-to-coast and coast-to-coast paths by creating an integrated tourist demand with a bottom-up approach. It also intends to organise public events to promote and revive the network
ITALIA: Ancona Chamber of Commerce – the partnership is composed of Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce, Agency for development Marche-Svim, Provices of Ascoli Piceno, Venice, Teramo and Lecce, Municipialities of Monte San Vito and Morro d’Alba
ALBANIA: Durres Regional Council
CROATIA: Split-Dalmatian County
MONTENEGRO: Municipality of Bar