The report about Maritime traffic in the Adriatic and Ionian area has been produced by the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona (now merged into the Chamber of Commerce of Marche Region) since 15 years during various editions of the Forum of A-I Chambers of Commerce. Due to Covid-19 the Forum Edition 2020 has been canceled.

Data are collected from the Port Authorities of the Macro Region, focusing on both passengers and freights flows. The aim is to point out tendencies about international movements of container, ferry, cruise, tir and trailer; ferry domestic routes aren’t included in the analysis.

All the assessments refer to 2019 and do not take into account what has happened since March 2020. The future, post-emergency dynamics are completely indecipherable and will take a few years to emerge clearly.

Maritime Traffic in the Adriatic and Ionian Area – Report 2019