Fisheries and Aquaculture

Downward trend of prices of fish-farming products – Scarce capita fish consumption in inland regions – Scarce availability of fresh fish in inland regions – Scarcity of fish retail markets in inland regions and lack of wholesale markets (Eastern Adriatic regions).


Sharing of information about fishing and fish-farming activities – Exchange of information on fish prices within each market – Improving fish distribution – Modernisation of structures and selective equipment – Environmental and quality certification of fishing and fish-related enterprises.


Establishment of an Adriatic Fishing Observatory – Mapping out of fish-farms – Promotional campaign aimed at stimulating fish consumption – Widening, strengthening and rationalisation of wholesale fish markets – Promotion of credits with low interest rates aimed at financing the modernisation of structures and selective equipment – Spreading of information and scientific knowledge on EMAS regulation and ISO 14000 certification related to fishing activities.

Reports and final documents of the Workgroup on Fishing and Aquaculture – Hrvatski

Edition 2015 – Durazzo (Albania)

[Edition 2014 – Corfu (Greece) [b]

Edition 2013 – Međugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Edition 2012 – Brindisi (Italy)

Edition 2011 – Budva (Montenegro)

Edition 2010 – Ancona (Italy)

Edition 2009 – Agrinio (Greece)

Edition 2008 – Makarska (Croatia)

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