Forum AIC is pleased to announce that the 13th Congress of Women’s Entrepreneurship of Adriatic and Ionian Area will be hosted by Montenegro Chamber of Economy on the 10th of October 2023 from 10:00h to 16:00h, in Budva (Montenegro) in the broader context of the annual Economic Conference, organised by the Montenegro Chamber of Economy, to be held in the following days, on 11 and 12 October in the same venue.


The Congress, focusing on the most eminent initiatives enhancing women’s entrepreneurship, aims to provide an interregional perspective on the best practices and challenges prevailing in increasing the economic empowerment of women and entrepreneurial activities in the Adriatic and Ionian Region. The key topics of this Congress Edition will be women’s empowerment for business development with a focus on the role of women in STEM; breaking down the traditional gender working barriers.



Please note: onsite registration are closed.